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EcoTour Adventures

Discover Cyprus

Single-day, Single-vehicle, 4X4 tours in the back roads of untouched Cyprus. Discover the hidden treasures of the island of Cyprus

Eco Tour Adventures Identity

We are a small company that operates tours in Western and central Cyprus. We take pride in showing our guests “authentic Cyprus” and what our island has to offer with regards to its natural, cultural and traditional heritage. According to The International Ecotourism Society, “Ecotourism is Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” At EcoTour Adventures we aspire to follow and respect the above statement and to provide our guests the opportunity, not only to discover and explore authentic and unspoilt locations, but also to learn about, and become a part of the various environmental, cultural and social issues concerning our beautiful island today.

Discover ''The Real'' Cyprus!...Away from the Crowds

  • Walk the Natural Wonders, Swim the Pristine Waters…
  • Experience Places & Natural Sites normally inaccessible to commercial tourism
  • Recognise & Appreciate the Significance of Preservation of our Precious Ecological Heritage
  • Marvel at Mythological & Cultural sites and relics
  • Enjoy Local Food and Wine
  • Create an Authentic Experience; We balance our route and time according to the things that interest and attract you most as we go along
  • Above all, Safety First; Proper Hygiene, Strong Vehicles, Experienced Guides

The ''New Safest way'' to Enjoy Travel and Discovery

  • Travel in Small groups to relatively undisturbed areas intended as a low impact and small scale alternatives to standard commercial mass
  • Utmost Personal Pandemic Protection applied according to the most current health standards and requirements.
  • Strongest Vehicles are used, Fully Licensed, Checked and tested, specially
    equipped for extreme off-road capabilities.
  • “Super” Driver-Guides will court you, 15+ years of experience, know their terrains inside-out and have all the know-how and contacts to ensure you are always safe and on-course from the time you are picked-up up until you are dropped off.

Become an EcoTourist: A ''True VIP'' of Cyprus

  • When you embark on an EcoTour you become an “True” VIP of Cyprus;
  • You are welcomed by Pristine forests and Dramatic Mountains, Azure Waters and Beautiful Secluded Beaches, Iconic Historical Sites and Picturesque Rural Villages…. Always making new Memories, always leaving only your Footprints behind.
  • The local folk have been expecting you; They have been preparing for you a Cheese, a Wine, a Craft, a Delicacy; Something special just for You.
  • New friendships are created; Your very presence is a contribution towards these very individuals who have always striven to, and thrive on keeping their precious and authentic existence alive.
  • This is what it means to be an EcoTourist!

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